The Data Resiliency Guarantee

Total Coverage.
Zero Compromises.
Up to $10M.

Data loss and downtime isn’t limited to ransomware. The Druva Data Resiliency Guarantee protects against five key risks including Cybercrime, Human, Application, Operational, and Environmental risks.

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Protection Against Five Key
Risk Areas

The Data Resiliency Guarantee goes beyond the typical guarantees associated with other data protection, security, and recovery solutions and protects against:

Cyber Risk

Risk of unauthorized, internal or external, data access, deletion, theft, or modification

Human Risk

Risk of accidental deletion or other user error

Application Risk

Risk of data protection application failure resulting in old, incomplete, or failed backup

Operational Risk

Risk of hardware corruption or degradation resulting in incomplete or unusable backup

Environmental Risk

Risk of downtime or inability to access backup for recovery

Financially-backed SLAs

More importantly, your data is protected and secure from these risks via 5, financially-backed, SLAs – up to $10M. Best of all, the program is available for all customers, free of charge, assuming you meet the program’s requirements.


Guarantee that Customer Data will not be compromised as a result of a Security Incident


Guarantee that the last successful backup of Customer Data will be recoverable in the event of a Ransomware Incident


Guarantee that backups will complete successfully in accordance with Customer Policies


Guarantee that Customer Data backed up is recoverable


Guarantee that Cloud Services will be available not less than 99.5% of the time during a Reporting Period

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You Need More than
Ransomware Protection

The stakes have been raised: your data is under attack from more than just ransomware.
Human, application, operational, and environmental risks to your data abound with increased frequency – and equally devastating to your business.

But unmatched protection against data loss and downtime is within your grasp
. The Druva Data Resiliency Guarantee end-to-end coverage for your data against five key risk events, up to $10M. Contact us today to ensure your data is always safe, and always ready.

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