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An organization’s biggest strength, besides its people, is the ability to use data to empower decisions. Leveraging the power of your backup data is a great place to start.
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Preethi Srinivasan,
Director of Innovation


Extract value from your backup data to easily meet privacy needs

  • Support regulations such as GDPR and CCPA with ease
  • No need to manually collect data for compliance requests; simply unlock the value of your backup data for your privacy and compliance needs

Quickly identify relevant data with AI-powered data enrichment

  • Relevant data that is context-aware and user-intent aware
  • Auto-classifies data for your review before disclosure

Drastically reduce the cost of your compliance management pipeline

  • Eliminate expensive, time-consuming, and non-scalable process to manage compliance requests
  • Automate sieving through tens of thousands of emails/files to respond to employee Subject Access Requests

Use cases

Respond to subject requests in hours, not weeks

Enable general counsels, compliance and privacy managers, and data protection officers to easily collect, review, and use relevant data to fulfill subject requests. No more dependency on IT teams for subject requests

Automate personal data identification in unstructured data

GDPR’s “personal data” definition is broad and includes any information about a person, not just PII that resides in structured data. Automate identification of personal data hidden in GBs, or even TBs of unstructured data 

Fulfill complex employee subject requests with ease

No need to manually analyze thousands of emails and messages for employee subject requests. Data is enriched with AI/ML and proprietary indexing for you to easily retrieve relevant emails regarding the subject

Auto-collect, review, and act on relevant data for your privacy and compliance requests

Explore how Druva can help you identify relevant data for your privacy and compliance requests

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