Druva Managed Service Provider Program

Introducing Druva’s cloud first MSP Program

Improve time to revenue, reduce risk and maintain high margins by delivering a more resilient, 100% SaaS service without any burden of infrastructure.

Run your business strategically with the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud. Enable cloud transformation with zero-touch onboarding that scales up and down as needed. Stand out by making trust your priority with the industry’s best security certifications while remaining agile with no CapEx risk, less front-end design, and no hardware or software to manage. Pay-as-you-go pricing ensures predictable controlled costs so you can concentrate on providing an agile service that supports your customers’ business transformation.

Managed Services Center

Stay ahead of the curve

Broaden your technology portfolio with the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud.

Improve time to revenue from months to days

Increase sales velocity cycle by eliminating time-consuming physical build-outs and front-end sizing.

Maintain high margins through efficiency

No hardware to maintain or support means no CapEx risk, less front-end design expense, and no stranded assets.

Improve market differentiation

Stand out by making trust your priority. No other ISV meets security requirements like the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud!


Avoid risk with a method that ensures predictable, controlled costs. Future-proof your customers’ technology operations.

Drive out operational complexity and reduce risks

Avoid risk with no CapEx investment, no high upfront costs or risk of under or over-utilized hardware.

Drive out complexity with Druva’s 100% SaaS data protection platform

Welcome to Druva's MSP Partner Program
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Robert Brower, SVP Partners and Alliances at Druva showcases how MSP’s can now focus on delivering the service and bringing value to their customers immediately, not running the backend.

Now MSP's can focus on delivering the service - not running it

Sabina Joseph, GM Americas Technology Partners, AWS, Nick Barron, CTO Harbor Solutions and Robert Brower, SVP Partners and Alliances at Druva discuss how MSPs deliver the benefits of the cloud to their customers while accelerating time to revenue and profitability.

Druva MSPs accelerate customer cloud transformation

Matt Bratlien, Managing Partner at Net-Tech, Scott Plamondon, VP Cloud Architecture at Observian and Nick Barron, Chief Technology Officer at Harbor Solutions share how Druva’s Managed Services Center for MSP is a game changer, delivering resilient, less complex services and reducing customer onboarding time by 50%.

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Harbor Solutions delivers expert services to keep business-critical data protected. We provide secure and reliable backup, disaster recovery and support services to mid-market and enterprise organization.


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Druva Managed Service Provider Program


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