Salesforce backup and recovery

Complete Salesforce data protection

Protect your critical Salesforce CRM data and metadata with reliable, automated daily cloud-to-cloud backups
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Don’t assume your Salesforce data is automatically protected

As organizations turn to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and move increasing amounts of data into the cloud, many fail to understand that data within these critical applications is just as susceptible to loss, theft, and malicious attack as data that’s stored in the data center.

The common misconception is that SaaS applications protect their customers’ data automatically. The truth is SaaS applications have disaster recovery to protect themselves, but don’t provide these same recovery services if a customer has a data loss incident. For applications like Salesforce, standard IT operations like backup and recovery are often overlooked. SaaS cloud solutions are natively designed for productivity, not data restoration. Therefore, it’s essential to look for comprehensive third-party Salesforce backup and recovery solutions.

Simple, comprehensive Salesforce backup and recovery

Druva provides a 100% SaaS solution to achieve complete protection for your critical Salesforce data. Enable reliable, automated daily backups of data and metadata, combined with fast, easy recovery from secure air-gapped storage to prevent any data loss incidents.

Salesforce data protection and sandbox seeding insights

Salesforce backup benefits

Centralized, automated, and reliable backup

Easily protect critical data in Salesforce — standard, custom, managed package objects, and more.

Quick, flexible, granular restores

Simple, on-demand point-in-time restores to maintain business continuity. Automatically maintain all parent-child relationships when restoring data.

Secure, air-gapped data storage

Maintain compliant, secure off-site backups on the Druva cloud, powered by AWS that can protect against ransomware and malicious intent.

Evaluate your SaaS applications data protection strategy

Overcome SaaS data protection challenges

SaaS backup and recovery

Simplify SaaS backup, ensure compliance, and improve data visibility for SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Slack.

How does Salesforce backup and recovery work?

Complete projects more efficiently with Druva sandbox seeding

How Salesforce backup and recovery is different with Druva

Druva provides complete protection for your critical Salesforce data. Ensure air-gapped cloud protection for safe storage, so your data is secure and easily recoverable.

Prevent data loss

  • Automate daily backups of both data and metadata
  • Backup all standard, custom, and managed package objects
  • Implement high-frequency backups

Granular, timely recovery

  • Simple, on-demand point-in-time restores of data and metadata
  • Fast restore entire orgs, whole objects, specific records, or just a field
  • Compare between different backup files to see the differences

Maintain parent-child relationships

  • Maintain all relationships during restores to prevent orphan records
  • Built-in external IDs to prevent duplicate records
  • Compare between different backup files to see the differences

Data governance and compliance

  • Automatically disable metadata validation rules and required fields
  • Ensure compliance and GDPR requirements are managed effectively
  • Advanced data anonymization to mask fields and retain data security

Enhance data security

  • Maintain compliant, secure off-site backups in the case of an incident
  • Comply with any data residency and sovereignty requirements
  • Digital envelope encryption for data at rest and in motion

Drive efficiency with predictable sandbox seeding

  • Achieve significant cost savings of 10-20X compared to full sandboxes
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks needed to create reliable test data
  • Automatically discover related data to include with your data seeding

Archive Salesforce data to lower storage costs and boost performance

  • Securely store subsets of stale Salesforce data into lower-cost storage
  • No more performance degradation due to increased data growth
  • Simplify long-term archival policies for governance and regulatory purposes

Consider a third-party Salesforce backup and recovery solution

From a third-party vendor risk perspective, Druva knocked it out of the park. As a security company that’s our top priority, and Druva exceeded our expectations.

David Stoicescu, Deputy CISO, Expel

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Druva provides the industry’s first backup and recovery, plus sandbox seeding and archiving solution. Discover the benefits of archival to simplify management and cut costs.


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