Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

Comprehensive Microsoft 365 backup

Prevent Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) data loss with a secure, scalable and cost effective solution

Microsoft maintains a shared responsibility model for Microsoft 365 (Office 365). They are responsible for maintaining platform uptime while you are responsible for the protection and long-term retention of Microsoft 365 (Office 365) data.

Why Microsoft 365 (Office 365) backup?


Microsoft 365 (Office 365) features contain native data protection tools that require users to have extensive knowledge on versioning and recycle bins along with the different default retention policies for each application. Relying on these tools places your organization’s data and projects at risk from:

  • Accidental data loss caused by human error
  • Deletion of data by employees before departing the organization
  • Proliferation of ransomware assisted by file sharing and synchronization
  • Data loss and non-compliance penalties as a result of gaps in data retention policies

Microsoft 365 (Office 365)
cloud-native backup

Druva delivers comprehensive backup and protection for Microsoft OneDrive, Exchange Online, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams as well as endpoints, data centers, SaaS applications and cloud-native workloads. We complement Microsoft 365 (Office 365) by filling data protection gaps without dedicated hardware, software or resources. Our secure SaaS platform allows Microsoft 365 (Office 365) data to be open and accessible to unified governance policies and ransomware protection, while allowing you to obtain critical insights into your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) data and projects.

We rely on Office 365 to house critical corporate data and collaborative projects. With Druva, we can ensure that our data is protected and accessible, and Druva makes it simple to scale as our business expands. Now, key management functions can be performed with just a few clicks, saving time and making compliance considerably easier.

Peter Webber, Director of IT Operations, Workforce Software

The Druva difference

With a single solution, your organization benefits from the combined advantage of Druva innovation and the power of AWS high-performance infrastructure. We operate transparently to elastically scale compute and storage resources as your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) backup grows -- without IT intervention. We unify Microsoft 365 (Office 365) backups into a single data pool that simplifies search, eDiscovery and legal holds while ensuring your organization is in compliance with international and government regulations, legal hold requirements and corporate standards.

Your benefits

Data protection that compliments Microsoft 365 (Office 365)

Guard against accidental data loss

Supports 3-2-1 backup policy with cloud-based data protection

Detects, investigates and responds to insider threats before damage is done

Restores data to original locations with automated search and restore

Ransomware detection and recovery

Pre-emptive monitoring and notification of data risks

Separation of data and metadata simplifies data cleansing and recovery

Multiple recovery options available to recover files and file versions

Data compliance monitoring

Consistent data retention policy for all Microsoft 365 (Office 365) backups

Chronological view of data activities by users and administrators

Identify and remediate at-rest sensitive data risks

Legal hold and eDiscovery management

Unified legal hold policies traverse SaaS solutions, endpoints, data centers and cloud-native workloads

Policies applied by user or period of time

Integrates with third party eDiscovery tools

Cloud-native data protection and management provides a solution to the long list of problems our IT team encounters regularly. Druva is perfectly aligned with this approach and I love everything about it - it’s easy to deploy, it’s scalable and simple to operate.

Allison Aiello, IT Director,
San Jose Sharks

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