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Protect Kubernetes applications without complexity

IT and applications development teams are embracing Kubernetes to build and modernize apps, but many of these workloads are incorrectly protected, or completely unprotected. Existing tools offer limited protection and are focused only on Kubernetes admins and not other stakeholders in the organization such as DevOps, cloud admins, or application owners.

Backup Built for Kubernetes

Though Kubernetes is known for resiliency, when a container goes down, Kubernetes brings back the container but in a clean state, so the data is lost. With Druva’s Kubernetes protection, you protect the data and the environment before you suffer a critical outage, cyber-attack, or failed audit.

How is Druva different?

Druva’s application-centric solution for Kubernetes backup identifies and protects the applications, underlying storage, and database services on Kubernetes deployments.

Druva Kubernetes Demo

Watch this two-minute demo to learn key benefits on how to protect and manage your Kubernetes applications with a cloud-native data protection solution.

How it works

In the race to adopt containers, unfortunately, protection often gets left behind. Druva offers a singular solution that can fold Kubernetes protection to an existing data management system, offering a compelling option for businesses expanding their use of container workloads.

Phil Goodwin, Research Director, IDC

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