NAS backup

Radically simple & cost-effective NAS backup

Cloud-based NAS data protection across on-premises and cloud storage with global deduplication and cloud archiving reduces complexity and costs.

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Cloud backup and archiving for on-premises and cloud NAS

The volume and density of unstructured data on NAS makes it difficult to balance the costs and requirements of backup, recovery, and retention. Data protection as-a-service works across on-premises and cloud to reduce complexity, improve search/recovery, and lower storage and archive costs by up to 50% percent.

Druva for NAS backup

Druva’s SaaS platform simplifies and lowers the cost of NAS data protection with deep analytics, global source deduplication and both auto-tiering and direct-to-cold storage archiving.

Integrated cloud backup and archive for NAS data

How is Druva different

Druva unifies NAS backup and cloud archiving for long-term retention with a radically simple and low-cost solution that requires no hardware or storage management

Solving NAS data protection - Dxp

Learn the unique challenges of protecting unstructured data on NAS systems and how a cloud-centric, data management approach can help customers balance recovery and retention needs, eliminate costs, and deliver new data insights.

How it works

See how to simplify cloud backup and archiving for NAS

What we were interested in was something that was truly born in the cloud and was optimized to handle the efficiencies of the cloud…

CIO, TRC Companies

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