VMware and VMware Cloud

Cloud Backup and DR for vSphere and VMware Cloud

SaaS data protection for VMware and VMware Cloud is always-on, scalable and secure, accelerating cloud projects and reducing costs up to 50%.

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Cloud Data Protection for VMware is Complex and Expensive

 Protecting vSphere across data centers, remote offices, and hybrid cloud environments with multiple tools escalates costs, creates security challenges and slows innovation. Druva delivers the scale, security, and ease-of-use required for modern data resiliency with added benefits of cloud DR and AI/ML data insights.

SaaS Data Protection for VMware and VMware Cloud

The Druva Data Resiliency Platform protects all VMware vSphere workloads on-premises and in VMware Cloud environments through a single console and eliminates backup infrastructure dependencies and overhead. Customers can accelerate their multi-cloud journey and reduce their TCO by up to 50%.

How is Druva Different

Druva’s cloud-native data protection platform eliminates infrastructure dependencies and management simplifying multi-cloud protection of VMs.

How it Works

When I started looking at other vendors, I found that they were all similar to Veeam in that none of them, except Druva, could offer us one cloud-native solution to protect VMs and SaaS applications.

Aaron Matatov, IT Infrastructure Manager

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