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Be Ready for Cyber Attacks

Get a centralized view of data security risks and anomalies

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Protect, Prepare, and Recover
from Cyber Attacks

Druva’s unified security command center provides customized, security posture insights based on your unique deployment, plus a centralized view of data and access anomalies.

Centralized View of Data Security Risks and Anomalies

Secure visibility into more data, backup events, and security incidents across customers and workloads than any other company. We analyze telemetry from each vertical and company size, uniquely identifying local and global trends daily. This data powers Druva’s security posture and data risk insights, empowering us to develop and deploy product and service improvements every two  weeks, all because of our 100% SaaS delivery model.

How is Druva Different

Druva empowers you with smarter security that adapts faster than any other vendor, powered by the deepest, most diverse telemetry in the industry.

How it Works

Cyber Attack Readiness Overview & Demo

Cyber attacks are now focused on destroying backup data, but security and IT teams lack visibility into the security posture and data risks within their own backup environments. Watch how Druva provides full visibility into backup security posture, data anomalies, and access attempts in a security command center dashboard, powered by unique global SaaS data intelligence.

Once we understood how much Druva invests in security, we were convinced. With Druva, we have complete peace of mind that our data is safe from ransomware.

Chris Fung, Sr. IT Manager
City University of Hong Kong

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