Cloud archiving and retention

Cloud Archiving and
Long Term Retention

Decrease compliance and defuse growing storage costs with secure & scalable cloud backup & archiving
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Cloud Archiving with Traditional Backup is Expensive and Complex

Organizations moving data to cold storage from on-premises or cloud-hosted solutions lack a storage and cost efficient way to To meet long-term retention needs. Cloud backup and archiving provides flexibility, scale, and deduplication across storage tiers which lowers costs without compromising resilience.

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Cloud Archiving That's Radically Simple, Low-Cost and Secure

Single-click, policy-driven enablement of cloud archiving to cold storage offers up to 50% savings. Make your cloud archiving and retention costs predictable with simple consumption-based pricing and no egress charges.

How is Druva Different

Druva solves your long-term data retention needs

Watch this video and see how you can transform data retention and compliance with cloud backup.

How it Works

The big win for us came from the SaaS model that Druva provides….it enabled us to reduce TCO through long term data retention and storage. A massive cost reduction for us.

David Peace, Network & Security Administrator,
Ipswich Grammar School

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Discover how Druva’s cloud data retention delivers immediate cost savings. 

Case study

Find out how Ipswich Grammar School reduces TCO with Druva’s cloud data retention.


Reduce costs for historical backups with intelligent long-term data retention storage.

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