Remote and branch office backup

Simple and Secure Remote and Branch
Office Backup

Efficient SaaS data protection with centralized visibility, no hardware required and a radically lower TCO
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Protect and secure ROBO data with ease and confidence

Managing infrastructure in remote branches is challenging with scale, bandwidth and accessibility  limitations. It is also more susceptible to data breaches. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud eliminates these challenges meeting regional compliance needs without the need for specialized skill sets.

Learn how Pall Corporation simplifies remote office backup

SaaS data protection for ROBO

Druva offers IT teams rapid time to value with a simple and secure cloud platform that can deploy in minutes, scale on-demand, meet strict SLAs, and protect data from ransomware.

ROBO Single Pane of Glass

How is Druva different

SaaS data protection for ROBO locations simplifies management and dramatically lowers costs.

How it works

Over 50 offices around the world are protected with a 95% reduction in labor, 78% lower costs, and DR readiness.

Pall Corporation

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Analyst report

Discover the value of a cloud approach for ROBO scenarios.

Customer case study

TRC Companies, Inc. gained visibility and management, and reduced TCO for data protection by 64 percent.


Organizations are shifting to modern cloud backup to resolve their remote office backup challenges.

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