Ransomware protection and recovery

Multi-Layer Defense against Ransomware

Air-gapped cloud backups with built-in orchestration and automation  for accelerated ransomware recovery.
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Ransomware will cost $20B
globally this year

Ransomware attacks are happening more often and becoming more sophisticated. Ransom demands are trending up as threat actors execute attacks that often delete or encrypt backup data. Recovery times are also increasing as data systems become more complex, encompassing both endpoints and data centers.

Learn how to create a multi-layered defense

How long would it take you to recover from a ransomware attack?

Druva’s cloud data protection and defense-in-depth security are paired with workflow orchestration and recovery automation tools to improve response time, prevent reinfection, and reduce data loss. Plus, Druva’s SaaS solution delivers 24×7 fully-managed security operations.

How is Druva different

Unlike on-premises or Windows-based solutions that may be vulnerable to ransomware, Druva’s cloud-native architecture protects data and speeds up recovery.

Recover from ransomware in hours, not days

Improve your cyber resilience with Druva ransomware recovery

An effective backup plan is an essential part of a strong cybersecurity strategy. Druva delivers secure, air-gapped backups so you always have safe, unencrypted data to recover. For select workloads, Druva offers accelerated ransomware recovery tools including anomaly detection, quarantine, and malware scanning, so you can recover with confidence.

How does ransomware
recovery work?

Protecting against ransomware is a number one priority and Druva has very straightforward mechanisms for protecting against it.

Lewis Barbour, Head of IT
Policy Services

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See how Druva’s ransomware protection and Accelerated Ransomware Recovery module can benefit your IT teams.

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